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     Mike Haggith is an original alternative/indie recording and performing artist, residing in the growing city of Barrie, Ontario. At thirty-one years old, Haggith is best-known for his distinctive musical delivery, complimented by heavily introspective lyrics. Writing largely from personal experience as a therapeutic outlet, his discography has traced the ups and downs of relationships, life events, and the hardships of living remotely. His latest record, Bridges, takes this approach to new heights. In addition to these efforts, he hosts monthly livestreams on Facebook featuring other independent artists, and reviews albums on Mike's Spin, a  YouTube-based series.

"Amazing sound quality accompanied by great writing equals an album that you and everyone around you can appreciate"

-Next Album Please

"The album is a fantastically welcoming work of art"

-Welcome To The Gig

"[The record] is a call to build bridges between the gulfs that seemingly separate us. We all have more in common than we think"

-Bad Gardening Advice

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