redemption awaits!

a massive stage. a brand-new show. let's do this.

mike haggith and the big finish band
rotaryfest - sault ste marie - stage one
friday - 19 july 2024 - 5:00 pm



     As many of you remember, I took to Stage One at Rotaryfest last year alongside an incredible band to celebrate the release of my latest record, All The Best In All You Do, beyond excited to deliver an incredible show to everyone in attendance.


     And then, in the blink of an eye, disaster struck and it was suddenly over.


     Just eight minutes into the show, I dislocated a knee, sending me to the stage in excruciating pain. While we finished the song and played one more while I laid on my back waiting for the ambulance to arrive, the fallout was immense. The media had their story, but it wasn't about the album. Everybody was talking, but not about the incredible group of musicians who stood by me. We had lived up to our promise of delivering an unforgettable show, but for all the wrong reasons. Oh, and I couldn't walk.


     While I'm proud to have made an almost-full recovery (knees are never the same after they blow out), there's still more to do. This winter, The Big Finish Band welcomed in two new members, as Elly McWatters joined us on a full-time basis, and Matt Fronzi stepped in to allow Jacob Quarrell to take a year off to work with Jupiter Marvelous. We're honored to be returning to Rotaryfest this year, not only for a shot at redemption, but to deliver an incredible show that is sure to impress. I hope you'll join us!


With gratitude,

Mike Haggith

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i mentioned an incredible band. let's meet them.

from left to right:

matt fronzi - bass guitar

A cornerstone of this year's backing band, Matt Fronzi is more than just a familiar face within the Sault music scene. Known for innovative original stylings as heard on his former band Gnaeus' debut record Meditations, his endeavors have inspired and awed countless spectators, including Haggith himself. Stepping onto Stage One armed with a bass guitar and an incomparable stage presence, Fronzi promises to add an unforgettable element to an already memorable night.


chris nielsen - lead guitar

Fueling the fire with blistering riffs, Chris Nielsen shines as the lead guitarist of this year's backing band. A true icon of the Sault punk rock scene, Nielsen's stage presence has captivated audiences for years, most notably through his explosive performances with A Dire Setback. Renowned for his technical prowess and penchant for theatrics, Nielsen brings an irresistible blend of attitude and passion to the group. Prepare for a night to remember as Nielsen ignites the stage with an unmatched display of skill and sonic mastery.


mike haggith - lead vocals and rhythm guitar

Of course, no Mike Haggith concert would be complete without yours truly. Learn more about Mike, the stories behind his music, and so much more down below!


elly mcwatters - backing vocals and rhythm guitar

The powerhouse that is Elly McWatters simply cannot be overstated. A seasoned live vocalist, best known for her shows with Re:Born and her clinching of the 2023 Talent Quest title in Sault Ste Marie, the inclusion of McWatters allows the group to explore a more diverse setlist and more intricate vocal arrangements. Her ability to seamlessly transition between various vocal and guitar roles makes her a vital addition to the group. Be ready to be blown away with a performance like no other!


brandan glew - drums and percussion

With a thunderous presence and an overly angelic voice, Brandan Glew takes his place behind the drums as an integral part of this year's backing band. Having worked alongside Haggith since the release of his 2015 album The Warrenside, Glew's unwavering support and remarkable percussive skills have been the backbone of their musical journey. Together, they formed an unstoppable force as members of The Din, a successful alternative rock group from the friendly confines of Sault Ste Marie. Prepare for explosive beats and soaring vocals as Glew injects his signature style into the extraordinary sound that surrounds him.


all the important stuff, quick and easy:

WHO Mike Haggith and The Big Finish Band
WHERE Rotaryfest Stage One, Clergue Park, downtown Sault Ste Marie
WHEN Friday, 19 July 2023, 5:00 PM

alternative. indie. you'll find it all right here.

learn more about mike haggith here

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