between the ditches


T H O M P S O N ,   M B

Mike Haggith - Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Percussion

Jennifer Nyhof - Piano, Fiddle, Percussion, Vocals

Delsie Burke - Vocals, Percussion, Guitar

Justin Fuciarelli - Guitar, Bass, Vocals

Josh Cain - Bass, Guitar, Vocals

Kory Wickdahl (Not Pictured) - Percussion, Vocals

Andria Stephens (Not Pictured) - Vocals

Katherine Almeida (Not Pictured) - Piano, Vocals


     Between The Ditches was a Thompson-based rock/country group which primarily focused on performing covers of popular songs while participating in large community events. Frequently crossing multiple genre lines, and perhaps best-remembered for members frequently swapping instruments with each other throughout the course of a performance, BTD quickly became a staple of the local music scene. Introducing a handful of original songs into their set lists by mid-2018, the group intended to take their talents into the studio to record an EP, but due to a high volume of performing obligations and eventual turnover in the lineup, these plans were never realized. In the early months of the band, the typical live setlist found Haggith playing rhythm guitar for the first half, before switching with Cain and manning the bass, and finally switching with Nyhof and finishing the concert behind the drum kit. The group's dependably strong performances, inviting stage presence, and frequent instrument swapping all culminated in the band's instant recognition, even in the face of its eventual lineup turnover.

     The 2019 calendar year saw the departures of both Cain and Burke, as both moved out of Thompson, and the introduction of Wickdahl and Stephens. With these changes to the lineup, Wickdahl became the group's primary percussionist, and Haggith moved to a full-time bass guitar position. By the end of 2019, with the release of Haggith's solo record If Ever Comes The Day on the horizon, the group began performing a handful of songs from that record, most notably the advance single Communiqué. While the band continued to enjoy success in the early months of 2020 and began rehearsing a new setlist featuring Almeida on shared piano duty, the COVID-19 pandemic and its ensuing waves of lockdowns would ultimately lead the band into its current inactive status.


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