2005 - 2014

W I N D S O R ,   O N

Mike Haggith - Percussion, Vocals, Guitar, Bass

Dylon Rabidoux - Guitar, Vocals, Percussion, Bass

Kevin Marchinko (Not Pictured) - Bass

Justin Desnoyers (Not Pictured) - Bass, Guitar


   The first recorded collaborative group effort of Haggith's career, S.C.A.R. (Sick, Carnivorous, And Rebellious) was initially founded by Rabidoux in 2005 as a hard rock recording project, and Haggith was hired in April 2006 to play percussion, provide vocal and guitar work, and record the band's tapes. Although the band existed predominantly as a studio-oriented two-piece project for the majority of its life and output, a great number of tapes which make up the band's early discography have either been lost, or archived in a private vault. Often featuring profane and controversial lyrical content, and an improvised approach to writing and recording with very limited emphasis put on proper rehearsals, only a few S.C.A.R. tracks ever managed to reach measurable popularity- mostly among friends and acquaintances of the band itself. The duo released the majority of their albums between 2006 and 2007, almost exclusively on cassette. In 2008, S.C.A.R. entered its first hiatus, and didn't resume active status until early 2010, when the duo recorded two singles at Live Wire Records and then shifted focus toward a long-awaited proper CD release. In the summer of 2010, the band finally achieved that goal with what has since become their final studio release, The 13th Circle Of Hell. While the group added Desnoyers to their lineup as a full-time bassist, he was not included on the album due to limitations in the recording timeline.


     With Haggith's relocation to Sault Ste Marie in the fall of 2010, S.C.A.R. became a largely dormant group which would only surface for brief concert appearances; on average, about one per year. The first of such appearances took place at the FM Lounge in downtown Windsor, on 05 January 2011. In anticipation of the live set, Desnoyers took on a rhythm guitar role, and Marchinko was hired as the group's bassist. This would mark the first (and one of the only) times the group performed as a proper four-piece outfit. Audio from this concert was recorded, and released in 2013 as the band's final official release, a four-track live album spanning just under 11 minutes of playing time. While the group would perform sporadically over the next few years, the final concert took place at the Coach And Horses lounge in Windsor on New Year's Eve 2013, and into New Years Day 2014. Featuring just Haggith and Rabidoux with a single acoustic guitar, the concert essentially paid homage to S.C.A.R.'s roots as a duo, albeit with a far greater number of well-known original songs. While no official disbanding announcement has ever been issued, the group has fallen inactive since 01 January 2014.


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