mike haggith - discography


Listed below are all Mike Haggith albums released in The Modern Era, in reverse chronological order. While there are many more albums in Haggith's back catalogue, they are no longer relevant to the overall story, and have therefore not been included. Full discography information requests may be directed to contact@mikehaggith.com.

All The Best In All You Do [2023]

Bridges [2021]

If Ever Comes The Day [2020]

Ashes Of K : Motion Picture Soundtrack [2019]

From The Nickel Stage [2018]

The Warrenside [2015]

Mike Haggith (Compilation Album) [2014]

Live At Swampstravaganza IV [2014]

A Place Of Our Own [2014]

Neighborhood Watch II : Where It Ends [2013]

The Present Din [2013]

Neighborhood Watch [2012]

Suspended Animation [2011]

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