mike haggith - bridges







[01]  From The 55th Parallel  [03:40]

[02]  Over Indecision  [04:35]

[03]  The Nature Of The Times  [04:25]

[04]  An Act Of Strength  [04:07]

[05]  The Catalyst  [04:14]

[06]  Dangerous Town  [04:55]

[07]  Come On Home  [03:32]

[08]  Blue Highway  [04:37]

[09]  Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost  [04:36]

[10]  Bridges  [04:07]



     Surprise-released on 06 November 2021, almost four years after the initial recording began for the record, Bridges is a concept album which explores the relationship between the feeling of isolation, and struggles with mental health. The entirety of this record was written not long after Haggith relocated to Thompson, MB, and found himself coming to grips with the struggles of suddenly being thousands of miles away from friends and family alike. Each of the ten tracks on the record tells a story of isolation from a unique perspective, and the album's title track ties all nine preceding stories together in a tumultuous climax. A joint venture between MorningStar Studios and Lionheart Audio, this record is the first in the Mike Haggith discography to feature an external producer in Justin Sobey. In addition to producing the final version of the record, Sobey also appears as a guest musician in the following roles; guitar on Track 1, guitar on Track 5, and bass on Track 9. Bridges also holds the distinctive honor of being the first Mike Haggith album to be released on LP, albeit with an altered track listing due to format limitations.

     In terms of its sound, it's clear that Bridges was written and recorded between The Din's final record and Haggith's 2020 release If Ever Comes The Day, and that its release date is certainly chronologically misaligned. As Haggith's sound has shifted toward lighter instrumentation and more pop-inspired tones, this record is a straight-cut retro rock throwback which lends itself more toward the power pop vibes of his former project than his solo output. That being said, the outlying feel of this record plays to its thematic advantage, musically isolating itself from the majority of Haggith's other work. Perhaps the record is a product of its time, but it can certainly find a home in any listener's collection, especially on the heels of the unprecedented times which shaped the 2020 and 2021 calendar years.

     The record's lead single, The Nature Of The Times, has become one of Haggith's most recognized tracks, and was in many ways responsible for the resurrection of his solo career in 2018. Launching the artist out of hiatus with its dependably smooth and catchy melody, the track has become Haggith's most successful in terms of radio airplay, and second-most popular in terms of streaming metrics, second only to MorningStar, from If Ever Comes The Day. The cover photo was taken by Sault Ste Marie-based portrait photographer Josh Pace in the summer of 2017, and was chosen for its shadowing effect across Haggith's face, intended to illustrate the unsuspecting relationship between one's personal struggles and doubts, and their a bright and outgoing persona.

     As a work of personal expression, Bridges stands tall in spite of its lyrical vulnerability, proving itself an essential asset to the Mike Haggith discography.

Note: Customers who purchase Bridges on LP or CD are entitled to a free digital download of the album.

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