mike haggith - from the nickel stage








[01]  The Nature Of The Times  [04:18]

[02]  If Only You Could Hear Me  [02:30]

[03]  Over Indecision  [04:24]

[04]  From The 55th Parallel  [03:26]

[05]  Missing [The Din]  [04:22]

[06]  Dangerous Town  [04:28]

[07]  Bridges  [03:01]



        One of his highest-profile concerts after relocating to Thompson, MB and relaunching his solo career, From The Nickel Stage was recorded during Haggith's appearance on the outdoor stage for the 2018 Nickel Days festivities. The set, though slightly complicated by heavy winds, was largely comprised of then-new material, as tracking for his Bridges album were well underway at the time of this performance. The board audio was captured by Music Makers of Thompson, MB, the group which was responsible for the stage, and was later compiled and mastered by Haggith at his personal studio. The live record was independently released a mere days after the live appearance, being made exclusively available online. To this date, no hard copy pressings of this album have been made available.

     As Haggith's guitar was not equipped with an output plug, it had to be recorded with an external microphone, placed near the 15th fret- a sweet spot which was noted during sound check earlier in the day. However, due to this stage setup, the gusty winds which were prevalent through the entire festivities do occasionally represent themselves on the tape. A quick microphone adjustment after the second track mitigates the noise on the recording, but it may still be audible in part. Laying the groundwork for the Bridges record which would follow years later, this concert appearance served to introduce the community to half of the album's material, and further contributed to the popularity of its lead single, The Nature Of The Times.

     A glimpse into Haggith's early live work in Thompson, this short live album plays an important role in his discography, despite not being counted as an official release on his label, MorningStar Studios.

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