mike haggith - if ever comes the day


15 MAY 2020 - CD / DOWNLOAD




[01]  The Best You Never Had  [05:23]

[02]  MorningStar  [03:42]

[03]  If Ever Comes The Day  [04:43]

[04]  Into The Setting Sun  [04:41]

[05]  Communiqué  [04:00]

[06]  This Page Intentionally Left Blank  [01:04]

[07]  Back Away Slowly  [04:55]

[08]  Take Back The Moon  [04:20]

[09]  Visual, Descending For The Field  [07:14]



[12]  2145  [06:51]


     Inspired by a series of intense and unexpected personal events, If Ever Comes The Day is Mike Haggith's 50th credited solo album release, and was his first in nearly five years at the time of its release. Following his trajectory of producing deeply introspective content, this record meticulously and painstakingly traces the ups and downs of a manic love affair and its eventual demise, in a spectacular and unapologetic fashion.

     From the first few moments of the ironically-titled The Best You Never Had, the 80s-esque vibes that shape the album's more upbeat sections set the stage for the story to unfold, and the lyrical content throughout the record delivers on all fronts. Carrying Haggith's signature style of mashing bright and shiny instrumentation with deep and introspective written pieces to new heights, the initial inspiration for the record's theme came from the most unlikely of places; a warm August evening camped beneath a clear sky and a stunning canvas of vibrant constellations. The ensuing relationship, or rather its series of manic interpersonal dealings, are traced in detail throughout the record, though not in chronological fashion. From the highs of If Ever Comes The Day, to the lows of Visual, Descending For The Field, and every single note and lyric in between, this record sets out on a mission to set the record straight for all who care to listen.

     For those who followed the happenings in real time, the record is said to tell its story perfectly. Launched by the success of its third and final advance single MorningStar, which would go on to become the second-most streamed track of Haggith's career and the eventual namesake of his personal record label, If Ever Comes The Day is largely considered to contain some of his best work in terms of overall production and lyricism. However personal, the record does feature a select group of session musicians, as Haggith's Between The Ditches bandmate Justin Fuciarelli provides the guitar solos on Tracks 4 and 8. Track 6, This Page Intentionally Left Blank, was arranged and recorded by Pete Mozarowski as an introduction to the track Back Away Slowly, a song which has also found its own share of online streaming success. Leaving the 10th and 11th track spaces blank as a creative choice, the entire project culminates with what may be its best work in the seven-minute opus 2145, which provides a new and seemingly reminiscent perspective of the highs and lows traced throughout the record. Concluding the record on a sad yet optimistic note, the track essentially tells the story of the affair's sad yet necessary goodbye, and in turn, the end.

     With material and behind-the-scenes segments continuing to be featured on The Borderline, a radio station broadcasting from Sault Ste Marie, ON, If Ever Comes The Day has become one of Haggith's most recognized works, and an undeniable cornerstone of his discography.

Note: Customers who purchase If Ever Comes The Day on CD are entitled to a free digital download of the album. Email contact@mikehaggith.com for more information.

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