mike haggith - mike haggith (compilation album)





[01]  "This Potato May Be Used As A Flotation Device"  [03:29]

[02]  "The Ledge" / I Love You Anyways  [05:57]

[03]  The Issue (Resurfaced)  [02:12]

[04]  Fourth Floor, Centre  [01:06]

[05]  She Wanted To Be A Veterinarian  [04:01]

[06]  Limb Coast  [03:55]

[07]  Sun Perfume  [02:54]

[08]  Trinity  [03:32]

[09]  "1980"  [05:35]

[10]  Miss 76 (Live)  [03:38]

[11]  Room 822  [04:36]

[12]  Goodbye  [07:30]

[13]  The Snake (Previously Unreleased)  [05:17]

[14]  Cowardly Hearts Beneath The Stars  [05:20]

     Independently released on 24 December 2014, this compilation record included cuts from Haggith's albums Suspended Animation, Neighborhood Watch, The Present Din, Neighborhood Watch II, Live At Swampstravaganza IV, and A Place Of Our Own, as well as one previously unreleased single, The Snake, which would be released on The Warrenside in 2015.

     Comprised of Haggith's most popular solo material since relocating to Sault Ste Marie, ON in 2010, the compilation was surprise-released ahead of the holiday season as a thank-you to new and longtime listeners alike, though its commercial success was incredibly limited by its small run of CD prints and general lack of media-based publicity. The compilation's cover art was designed by longtime friend and artist Kaitlyn Bence.

     Suspended Animation is the most heavily represented album in this compilation, with four of its tracks being included (2, 7, 8, and 9). Neighborhood Watch II contributes three tracks to the listing (4, 5, and 12), and although Miss 76 (10)was initially released on that record, the live cut which was included on the self-titled record was sourced from the EP Live At Swampstravaganza IV. The original Neighborhood Watch album is represented by two tracks (6 and 11), as is A Place Of Our Own (1 and 14), leaving The Present Din the least represented with just a single cut (3). The choice to include The Snake (13) from the upcoming Warrenside record failed to boost the compilation's popularity, but did serve to introduce the new single to a small audience of listeners.

     This compilation is currently not available in any hard copy format, and is available exclusively for digital download.

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