strange coyotes - strange coyotes ii





[01]  Kaylore  [05:12]

[02]  Bovine Warp Speed  [00:54]

[03]  Slap 'N Tickle  [03:21]

[04]  Change  [03:59]

[05]  Shepherd's Pie Stew  [00:05]

[06]  Sax Jam  [01:23]

[07]  Swallowing Band-Aids  [00:35]

[08]  I'm Gonna Love You  [02:28]

[09]  Townhouse Seven  [00:31]

[10]  Best That You Can  [02:22]

[11]  First Time Donor  [04:35]

[12]  Sneeze  [04:54]

[13]  Somewhere On The Ship Of Mutant Moon Cows In The Slop  [00:24]

[14]  Weird Wolf  [01:04]

[15]  Colorful Daydream  [03:33]

[16]  The Worst Band  [00:16]

     The second and final studio album from Strange Coyotes, the majority of Strange Coyotes II was recorded live at the Primavera Banquet Hall in Sault Ste Marie ON, on 21 November 2014. While the record features performances from the proper three-piece band, it also features session artists Tyler Gibson and Jordan Leach, appearing sporadically throughout.

     Initially intended as a live record, a first for the group, the plan was quickly derailed at showtime when lead guitarist Chase Wigmore appeared at the venue suffering from violent flu symptoms. Determined to perform, he did so from a chair tucked in the back corner of the stage. However, just a few songs into the set, he found himself abandoning his post to vacate the stage- and venue. While he did return, this occurred twice more. As such, concertgoer and fellow musician Tyler Gibson took up Wigmore's post whenever it was empty in an attempt to keep the show moving. While the set proper was recorded by promoter Steven Flint for the band, the resultant recording was marred by inconsistent levels, vocal work which found itself largely buried in the mix, and of course, a few abrupt departures from Wigmore.

     A review of the concert tape after the fact determined the recording unsuitable for release, but in an effort to provide followers with recordings of many songs they'd come to know and love, the decision was made to release the tape. Haggith and fellow artist Jordan Leach attempted to master the tape, and recorded a few brief interlude tracks to provide some added variance. Unfortunately, the final product sounded nothing like it was intended to, and the majority of the group's strongest material, which was present on the record, was poorly represented.

     This record was never pressed to any physical format, and was made available exclusively online. It continues to be available for digital download.

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