the din and mike haggith - ashes of k: motion picture soundtrack






[01]  We Met As Surrogates [Mike Haggith]  [04:37]

[02]  A Drive Through The Peninsula [Mike Haggith]  [04:50]

[03]  "75" [The Din]  [03:22]

[04]  Out Of My League [Mike Haggith]  [05:03]

[05]  Lay My Body Down To Rest [Mike Haggith]  [05:38]

[06]  In Search Of The Perfect Moment [The Din]  [03:29]

[07]  Potato (Should've Known Better) [The Din]  [02:57]

[08]  September [Mike Haggith]  [02:22]

[09]  Someday [Mike Haggith]  [05:44]

[10]  "30" [Mike Haggith]  [05:19]

[11]  A Drive Through The Peninsula [The Din]  [08:21]


     A joint release between The Din and Mike Haggith, the Ashes Of K: Official Motion Picture Soundtrack is comprised of all eleven songs which were included in the film, and was released approximately one year after its inaugural red carpet screening. Ashes Of K, the debut film from Ontario-based Noxtrom Film Studios, gained significant notoriety in late 2017 and early 2018 during screenings at a series of independent film festivals, eventually culminating in its official red carpet screening in Windsor, ON, an event which was attended by both Haggith and Hill, representing The Din. Awards won by the film include Best Producer (Juan Alejandro de Armero Aguero) at the 2017 Universal Film Festival, and Honorable Mention: Original Story at the 2017 Los Angeles Film Festival.

     The film's plot focuses largely on two main characters, Megan and Hunter. Megan, a young woman with delusional psychosis, falls in love with an ex-cyber criminal (Hunter) who is being forced to work for a drug cartel. While he fights a cyber war where a small mistake could be deadly, she fights to find out if her love is real or not.

     Comprised of cuts from Haggith's 2015 solo record The Warrenside and The Din's debut record Give In To The Din, and notably including both releases of the song A Drive Through The Peninsula, the soundtrack was released exclusively for digital download in 2019, with no hard copy pressings being made available. The release date of the soundtrack album was set for 15 April 2019 to coincide with the film's official release on streaming and rental platforms worldwide. The film was not released on DVD, as Noxtrom Film Studios instead opted to distribute exclusively online.

     An important milestone for both Haggith and The Din, Ashes Of K became the first full-length motion picture to feature music from either. While no new ground was broken in terms of the music included in the soundtrack release, its importance in both discographies is clear.

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