the din - give in to the din







[01]  In Search Of The Perfect Moment  [03:31] 

[02]  Flux  [03:05]  

[03]  Alleyways And Apartments  [03:58] 

[04]  Out Of My League  [04:20]

[05]  "75"  [03:25]

[06]  Remember  [03:35]

[07]  Potato (Should've Known Better)  [02:59]

[08]  The Rose  [05:26]

[09]  A Drive Through The Peninsula  [08:22]




     The debut studio effort from The Din, Give In To The Din was released on 12 August 2016 as the group found itself enjoying a quick surge in local popularity. Comprised of a mix of original material, carryovers from previous groups, and a few selections from Haggith's solo career, the record was created to deliver listeners a collection of the catchy material the group had been performing live, with the polished sound that only a studio could offer.

     Though none of the material on this record is connected thematically, as is the case with this record's successor, Give In To The Din received favorable reviews from local and national reviewers alike, and is the group's best-selling album; sales figures indicate over 200 CD units sold, in addition to numerous paid downloads, online streams, and ongoing broadcast royalties. Music from this record was also included in Noxtrom Film Studios' debut full-length film, Ashes Of K, and a separate Motion Picture Soundtrack was released in conjunction with Mike Haggith through MorningStar Studios in April 2019.

     Three advance singles from Give In To The Din were released to the public in the months leading up to the launch of the full album, namely In Search Of The Perfect Moment, Alleyways And Apartments, and Potato (Should've Known Better). Bolstered by a strong summer concert schedule prior to the album release, each of the three advance singles found a relatively large and eager audience, further setting the stage for the full record. While Out Of My League, Potato (Should've Known Better), and A Drive Through The Peninsula were all previously-released Mike Haggith solo tracks, the band's re-recorded versions for inclusion on this album quickly thrust them into a wide public spotlight in a way that his solo career had been unable to. By the same token, "75" had originally been released on HAGGITH's 2013 record Deuce, and though it enjoyed moderate success as an upbeat pop rock track, The Din's recorded version quickly eclipsed the original in terms of popularity and recognition.

     Featuring a collection of newly-written original material including Flux, Remember, and In Search Of The Perfect Moment, the group proved itself more than capable of creating catchy original material to supplement their reworkings of previously existing material. The album was released at a concert at the Tech Theatre in downtown Sault Ste Marie, ON which had been booked to commemorate the occasion, and saw the band perform to a paid audience of 335. Board audio from the concert was recorded for a live album titled Technically Live, which was released on 26 December 2021. The concert was also taped by Shaw Spotlight for the pilot episode of its OnStage series, featuring live performances of artists throughout the Algoma region.

     This record was mixed and mastered by Daniel Schmidt and Pretoria Hill Productions, with Haggith handling limited co-production duties. While CD pressings were manufactured and sold, all pressings of the original album were certified sold out by November 2017. On 23 October 2021, an expanded Deluxe Edition of Give In To The Din was released by MorningStar Studios, making the album once again available on CD.

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