the din - the din does laundry





[01]  Analog Palace  [06:02]

[02]  Of Cars And Criminals  [02:59]

[03]  Fragile Bird [City And Colour]  [04:45] 

[04]  Out Of My League  [04:21]  

[05]  In Search Of The Perfect Moment  [04:49] 

[06]  We Met At The Circus  [03:58]

[07]  The Old Apartment [Barenaked Ladies]  [04:01]

[08]  Flux  [05:39]

[09]  Spin Cycle  [00:49]

[10]  A Drive Through The Peninsula  [05:54]

[11]  Times Like These [Foo Fighters]  [04:49]

[12]  Cowardly Hearts Beneath The Stars  [04:30]

[13]  Leamington, Ontario  [02:07]

[14]  "75"  [04:10]

[15]  With A Little Help From My Friends [The Beatles]  [02:26]

[16]  "This Potato May Be Used As A Flotation Device"  [03:31]

     The very first recorded work from The Din following its 2015 restructuring, The Din Does Laundry was recorded during the group's 04 March 2016 live appearance at the Gore Street Cafe and Laundromat in downtown Sault Ste Marie, ON. This concert served as a staple of the 2016 Fishbowl Festival, and served to introduce the sound of the quickly rising group to a new, more widespread audience. Featuring a wide array of original material, fan-favored covers, and select renditions of solo Haggith tracks, the 65-minute concert appearance saw the band perform to roughly 55 paid attendees in the sold-out laundromat.

     Capitalizing on the popular cover song series on the band's YouTube channel, the tracks featured in the first three instalments of the series were performed during this concert. The live record was officially released nearly one month following the concert, initially made available exclusively on handmade CDs which retailed for a mere $3.00. The units were intentionally priced far below their retail value to entice casual listeners to buy, and as a result, The Din Does Laundry is the group's second-best selling album of all time, with roughly 80 CDs sold. After selling out of CD pressings, the group uploaded a modified version of the live album for digital download, notably featuring a shorter runtime, condensed sections of banter between tracks, and the removal of the cover songs due to potential copyright concerns.

     The live board audio was recorded by Curtis McKenzie on behalf of PaperClip Productions, and subsequently mixed and mastered by Mike Haggith on behalf of the band. While the full, original CD version of the album is currently unavailable for purchase, the digital download remains available free of charge.

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