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Date of Release : 06 November 2021

MorningStar Studios

   Mike Haggith's 51st official solo release and first-ever release to be made available on vinyl, Bridges explores the theme of feeling isolated- even while surrounded by others. Inspiration for this record was found shortly after moving to Thompson, Manitoba at the age of 26, and coming to grips with living alone, separated by immense distance from friends and family, and uncertainty of what the future would bring.

   Bridges also explores the theme in a metaphoric sense, and the duopoly of interpersonal bridges. As much as bridges between people can stand tall and strong in the form of healthy relationships, often times they can begin to wear and crumble when taken for granted and not properly maintained. Sometimes, bridges are burned, and the damage can't be undone. The resultant feeling of isolation and loneliness can compound an already negative situation, and intervention may very well be needed.

   Bridges is comprised of ten songs, each telling stories of isolation from slightly different perspectives, all of which have been shaped by personal experience. From the upbeat and self-aware themes of From The 55th Parallel, to reminiscing about better days with The Catalyst, to the overtly melancholy vibes which make up Come On Home, this record traces the ups and downs that many find themselves feeling during difficult times.


This album is the result of a joint venture between MorningStar Studios and Lionheart Audio, produced by both Mike Haggith and Justin Sobey.

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Date of Release : 15 May 2020

MorningStar Studios

   Mike Haggith's 50th official solo release, If Ever Comes The Day was heavily influenced by a series of intense and unexpected personal events, largely centered around a certain night in August of 2019. Over the subsequent months, the majority of this record found itself written and recorded at the whim of the ensuing ups and downs, culminating in a record which lends itself to both the beauty and tragedy of a manic love story.

   From the shiny upbeat and strangely 1980s-esque soundscape which shapes album staples The Best You Never Had and Back Away Slowly, to the deep and deliberate delivery of Into The Setting Sun, this record introduced a level of introspective writing and recording that had yet to be fully realized on any preceding Mike Haggith record. The entire album finds itself delicately tied together at its midpoint with the sixth track, This Page Intentionally Left Blank, which was composed and recorded by Pete Mozarowski for the project.

   Leaving the tenth and eleventh track spots unused as a stylistic choice, the record closes with arguably one of its strongest songs, in 2145. Serving as a final word to encompass all the feelings and experiences which comprised the record as a whole, If Ever Comes The Day flows flawlessly from beginning to end, and is a cornerstone of the Mike Haggith discography.


This album was produced by Mike Haggith, and released by MorningStar Studios.

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Date of Release : 23 October 2021

Pretoria Hill Productions / MorningStar Studios

   Nationally and locally acclaimed for its catchy hooks and appreciable songwriting, The Din rode the success of their debut album, Give In To The Din, when it was released in August 2016. Over five years after the initial release, the record once again reaches store shelves in the form of an expanded Deluxe Edition; 18 tracks in length, spanning 68 minutes of listening. Featuring outtakes, studio demos, alternate versions never before released, and a handful of instrumental tracks, the Deluxe Edition further builds on the legacy of the group's outstanding debut record.

     The most notable bonus cut of the lot may be Differences, a track which was written by percussionist Brandan Glew and performed sporadically by the group throughout the 2016 calendar year. The track was originally intended for release on the original Give In record, but because the group found itself struggling to find a fitting spot for it in the track list, it was ultimately omitted. Even the closest fans of the band never knew there existed a studio recording of Differences, or that the album version of Flux was actually the band's second attempt, after acknowledging the need to increase the track's tempo and rework the backing vocals. The Deluxe Edition brings Din fans a new level of context behind the recording sessions, and shares some of the best material which never found its way onto the original release.

     The original 2016 album was produced by Daniel Schmidt and Pretoria Hill Productions, and this Deluxe Edition was compiled for release by Mike Haggith and MorningStar Studios.

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Date of Release : 26 December 2021

Pretoria Hill Productions / MorningStar Studios

     Taped at the Baldwin Auditorium at The Tech in downtown Sault Ste Marie on 12 August 2016, Technically Live is The Din's first live album to feature all members of the band playing their instruments of choice in a fully electric setting.

     Serving as the launch concert for their debut album Give In To The Din, the group delivered an energetic and blistering set of original and cover material alike. Featuring renditions of all nine album cuts, four fan favorite cover songs, and a non-album original track titled Differences, this vault release is essential for both new listeners and longtime fans alike.

    The song performances included on the record are largely unaltered, though occasional missed notes have been smoothed over in post-production. As is the case with the group's 2018 live album The Suburban Sendoff, preservation of the human element on the live tape was of the utmost importance when trimming the audio for release. However, with Technically Live, some between-song banter was trimmed from the tape to make for a higher-energy release with less downtime between cuts. The recording plan used at the auditorium included a single microphone solely dedicated to capturing crowd noise, which aided efforts in post-production to include as much applause and crowd interaction as possible during and between songs.

     The live board audio was recorded and subsequently mastered by Daniel Schmidt of Pretoria Hill Productions, and edited further for commercial release by Mike Haggith of MorningStar Studios.

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