the big finish

2019 - Present

S A U L T   S T E   M A R I E ,   O N

Mike Haggith - Vocals, Guitar

Brandan Glew - Percussion, Vocals

Chris Nielsen - Guitar, Vocals

Matt Fronzi - Bass

Elly McWatters - Vocals, Guitar

Jacob Quarrell (Not Pictured) - Bass

Matthew Quinn (Not Pictured) - Bass, Vocals


     Initially launched in late 2019 in anticipation of supporting Haggith's then-upcoming solo record If Ever Comes The Day, The Big Finish holds the title of Mike Haggith's main live backing band. Though the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted plans to bring the band to the stage during 2020 and 2021, the following year would finally see the first iteration of the group, making their performance debut on Stage 1 at Rotaryfest in Sault Ste Marie, ON, in July 2022. Featuring Haggith on guitar and lead vocals, Brandan Glew on drums, Chris Nielsen on lead guitar, and Matthew Quinn on bass, the group made a splash with a high-energy show prominently featuring some of Haggith's best original work. The show concluded with a seven-minute rendition of Haggith's single The Nature Of The Times, which featured guest vocalist Elly McWatters. The show was so well-received, that plans for more appearances in 2023 were immediately put into motion.


     During the winter of 2022, Haggith returned to the studio to finish work on his record All The Best In All You Do, a project which had taken him the better part of three years. With the band confirmed to return to Rotaryfest in July 2023, the decision to release the album in tandem with the show was made. However, with the booking came the group's first lineup turnover, as bassist Matthew Quinn stepped back from the band for personal reasons, ushering in bassist and accomplished solo musician Jacob Quarrell to fill the role. As the show date finally arrived, all the pieces were in place for an incredible show- unfortunately, fate had other plans. Eight minutes into the show, during a lively rendition of Hot And Cold, Haggith dislocated his right knee in a freak on-stage accident, sending him onto his back, where he continued to play and ultimately finished the song. The show was subsequently cut short, as paramedics intervened to reset his leg, stretcher him off stage, and transport him to the hospital. While the incident generated considerable press coverage, the ensuing weeks were painful- particularly for Haggith, as he slowly rehabilitated his leg and regained his mobility. The band's next show was a mere six weeks after the accident, and despite his leg not being fully healed, the show went ahead as scheduled, with Haggith playing the entire set on his own two feet. This show, a 45-minute set at Northern Vibe Festival in Ophir, ON was captured in full by Chalykoff Studios, with the full video available on YouTube.


     In October and November 2023, the band played two Halftime Shows for The Soo's Got Talent, on the competition's Semifinals and Finals nights. These 30-minute shows helped raise funds for the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Unit of the Sault Area Hospital, with the October set featuring the group's third bassist, Matt Fronzi. Filling in for Jacob Quarrell due to a prior scheduling commitment, Fronzi made a strong impression on stage, showcasing his wealth of performing and playing experience. While Quarrell returned to his post for the November show, he would take a temporary step back from the band for the 2024 season of concerts due to prior personal commitments and a heavy performance schedule with Jupiter Marvelous. This led the band to bring Matt Fronzi on board for the 2024 season. A further shift to the lineup saw Elly McWatters brought on as a full-time member, expanding the group to five members.


     With the 2024 concert season ahead, the group stands poised to deliver their best shows yet, confirmed for a return to both Rotaryfest and Northern Vibe Festival.

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